Our first goal was to respect the traditional image of the original bakery while capturing all the emotions created when entering the store. A clean design that is easy to spot in corporate clothing and unique packaging materials was created especially for Petra. Our goal was not only, to rebrand the bakery but create a bakery model based on the emotions and feelings created from the original bakery. Aiming on improving customer loyalty, by promoting the core values of the bakery.

Bakery model


Our client wanted to change what consumers think about bakery and pastry while being the leading force in the industry. Based on tradition, Greek products, the representations of everyday life and the memories of modern past, HBM was created to spread the Hellenic Model of Bakery and Pastry by using Petra as a fine example of this model.

Modern bakery


Located at the epicentre of busy urban life, the bakery feels at home as the scent of fresh bread greets customers at the lobby. It is also a visual feast as the baking takes place in full view and has that air of a busy urban bakery where people come and go throughout the day. A combination of the traditional design of the original bakery with all the elements of a modern retail shop by the use of dark gray wood and patio ceilings.

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