Our client Koulpas was an established interior & outdoor company in domestic and commercial furniture & equipment looking to meet the demands of multi-channel customers. We wanted to create a feeling of calm, trust and professionalism when people are looking at the company as whole; from the delivery trucks to the newly created e-shop.

Leading interior ideas


In order to make a sell, you need to keep your users engaged and clicking through. With the use of modern product photos we have created a clicking product after product need. On the main page we have select to always have a lot of offers and products grouped by category, but constantly change the pictures so the potential client is getting a whole new vibe with every site revamp.

so what’s next?

are you ready?

Related Projects

Frenzy is an established and constantly developing company that constitutes the first Business Center in the Perfecture of Thessaly. With our services we can provide products of high aesthetics as well as utility, and end-to-end ideas for each project.

Currently, we have a dynamic team of 10 designers with professional technological expertise and in-depth knowledge of art and design. Our personnel is capable of providing high quality products to customers with forward thinking and unique concepts for the development of their marketing strategy.